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MINI Oakville is not your average car dealership in Oakville.  At MINI Oakville you will find premium cars built using high performance parts and features normally used in expensive sports cars, at a great value.  The high-end materials and engine technology leveraged from the BMW Group not only help MINIs retain their resale value over the long-term but also make them very fun to drive.

Bigger Than You Think

When you think of a MINI you probably don’t equate it with roomy cabin space.  But the experts at MINI have incorporated some amazing technology to help maximize space.  MINIs have a wheels-pushed out body design.  This means that there is a “wheel at each corner” which ensures virtually no body overhang and allows for a roomy cockpit.  There is also a transversely mounted engine, which saves space under the hood.  MINI also boasts 1,170 L in cargo capacity achieved by a flat loading rear floor and folding rear seats.  The rear seats fold down in a 60:40 split to allow for extra long cargo.


Exceptional Safety

MINI has some impressive active safety features including adaptive headlights that “turn with you”, reacting to your steering and lighting up what’s coming around the corner.  It also has Dynamic Stability Control technology that helps to eliminate over and under-steering by using corrective braking systems and adjusting engine torque during a turn.  As well as Dynamic Traction Control technology, that allows for more wheel spin to gain traction for start-off on slippery surfaces.
Drop by MINI Oakville to test drive a MINI today and find out why MINI drivers have more fun.

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